How It Works

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Your Candle Subscription Begins Here

You are prepared to embark on your journey and start experiencing some of the worlds most beautiful places.

Embark on the Journey

Head over to the Seasonal Box Page and order your first box. Shortly after you place your order, you will receive your confirmation email.

Delivered Straight to Your Door

At the start of every season you will receive a uniquely curated box filled with products ready to take you on a journey as soon as you lift the lid. Each box is filled with beautiful soy candles and a delicious treat, waiting to be experienced.

A Guided Experience

Open up your box and begin your journey. Read through the guidance card in the box to gain an understanding of the unique location and all the scents that make it so special. Once finished, strike a match and release the beautiful aromas onto the air. Close you eyes and let yourself drift away to a beautiful part of the world.

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