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Emily T Verified


Wic Candle Co. has completely transformed my living space!  The packaging is just as beautiful as the fragrances. It's a mini-vacation in a box!

Michelle J Verified


These candles have been really helpful for managing stress. I enjoy trying out the different scents, and it's always a nice surprise. They do a good job of capturing the essence of various places around the world..

Samantha L Verified


I got my sister a Wic Candle Co. subscription, and she won't stop talking about it! Every box feels like a new little adventure. You can really see the effort and love they put into each candle. It's just a great gift for anyone!

Daniella S Verified


Every three months, I eagerly await my Wic Candle Co. box.  The journy around the world through scents is just what I need!

Laura B Verified


Totally in love with Wic Candle Co.! The smells are right on the mark, taking me to varios places while I'm chilling at home. It's a awesome way to escape and relax after a long day

Jesse M Verified


I've tried many candle subscriptions, but Wic Candle Co. stands out..

Angela RVerified


The scents and the idea behind Wic Candle Co. are wonderful.  These candles bring a sense of calm and adventure to my home.

Caroline W Verified


Love the uniquness and quality of Wic Candle Co. Every box is a new destination and the packaging is so elegant.

Sarah N Verified


The concept of Wic Candle Co. is brilliant. a lovely way to travel the world from my living room.

Rachel K Verified


Wic Candle Co.'s subscription box is a treasure. The scents are so authentic and relaxing, perfectly capturing the spirit of each destination

Isabella G Verified


Each candle from Wic Candle Co. is a sensory journey! The scents are meticulously craffted, making my home feel like a sanctuary. It's more than a candle, it's a holistic experience.

Sophia PVerified


I'm always excited to see where Wic Candle Co. will take me next! a highlight of my season 🙂

Olivia J Verified


Wic Candle Co. has been amzing. Each candle's fragrance is so unique and evocative of its destination.

Emily W Verified


These candles from Wic Candle Co. are nothing short of magical. They perfectly capture the essence of each destination and bring a sense of tranquility to my home.

Ava S Verified


I look forward to every new season with Wic Candles!  The scents are so invigorating.

Charlotte J Verified


Every candle from Wic Candle Co. tells a story. The scents are so vivid and transport me to different places. It's the highlight of my day!

Mia A Verified


I am absolutely enchanted by the Wic Candle Co. collection. Each candle brings a unique part of the world into my home. The scents are divine, and the packaging is beautiful.

Amelia D Verified


These candles have become an essential part of my relaxation routine. The fragrances are so calming and sophisticated. I love how each one brings a different cultural experience.

Harper W Verified


Wic Candle Co. has outdone themselves! Each candle is a masterpiece, with scents that are both unique and comforting. They make my home feel so cozy and worldly.

Evelyn T Verified


I'm in love with these candles! They have such rich, luxurious scents that really capture the essence of each destination. The attention to detail in each candle is amazing.

Isabelle N Verified


I've never experienced candles like these from Wic Candle Co. Each one is like a journey around the world, and the quality is exceptional. They are a must-have in any home.

Lily R Verified


These candles are simply wonderful. They fill my room with delightful scents that transport me to different places. It's an escape that I look forward to with each new season.

Sofia H Verified


Each candle from Wic Candle Co. is a sensory masterpiece. The fragrances are perfectly balanced, and the themes of each season are so exciting and refreshing.

Zoey C Verified


Wic Candle Co.'s candles have added so much joy to my life. The scents are enchanting and the concept of traveling through fragrance is genius. I'm always excited for the next box!

Grace L Verified


These candles are not just products, they're experiences. Each one brings a unique and soothing aura to my home, making it feel like a sanctuary. I'm always impressed with the quality and creativity.

Emily T Verified


The Bahamian Breeze wax melts are perfect for winding down after a long day. Will be trying more scents!

Sophia N Verified


Absolutely adore the seasonal collection! Each candle's fragrance is distinct and fills my room with a cozy atmosphere.

Isabella R Verified


These candles are a game-changer for my home decor and ambience. The scents last for ages and are not overpowering.

Mia H Verified


I received these candles as a gift and I'm in love! They burn evenly and the jars are so elegant.

Gloria M Verified


The attention to detail in the scent profiles is impressive. It's clear that Wic Candle Co. puts a lot of thought into their products.

Olivia B Verified


Each candle from Wic Candle Co. tells a story. Burning 'Bahamian Breeze' takes me straight back to beachside memories!

Amelia J Verified


I was never one for scented candles until I came across these. The 'Under tha palms' is now a staple in my home.

Charlotte G Verified


Incredible candles with long-lasting scents. 'Pumpkin Caraml Crunch' is perfect for creating a warm ambiance.

Evelyn D Verified


I've tried many brands, but Wic Candle Co. outshines them all. The fragrances are authentic and soothing.

Abigail W Verified


The ‘Bahamian ‘Breeze scent is my new favorite. It's like a tropical escape in the comfort of my living room.

Ava M Verified


The ambiance created by these candles is just outstanding. The warmth and comfort they bring to my evenings are beyond words.

Isabella C Verified


I am amazed by the quality of these candles. They last long and the fragrance is just perfect, not too overpowering but pleasantly noticeable.

Sophia L Verified


These candles have become an essential part of my home decor. They're not just beautiful to look at, but their fragrance adds so much to my living space.

Emily W Verified


I got these candles from a friend and theyre so great. They actually burn evenly and the scent fills the whole room..

Mia T Verified


I've been a candle enthusiast for years and these are some of the best I've used. The scent is just right, creating a cozy atmosphere in my home.

Sophie M Verified


I'm absolutely charmed by these candles. Each one adds such a warm, inviting atmosphere to my home. The quality is top-notch!

Lily A Verified


These candles have elevated my evening routine. The scent is just heavenly and it lingers long after the candle is out. So soothing and luxurious!

Chloe J Verified


I received these candles as a housewarming gift and they're perfect. The scent fills up the room and creates such a cozy vibe. Absolutely in love!

Ella T Verified


These candles from Wic Candle Co. are stunning. They not only look beautiful but also have a fragrance that is both delicate and inviting.

Grace W Verified


I'm obsessed with these candles! They have a way of making my entire home feel more welcoming and serene. The quality is simply unmatched.

Amelia B Verified


Every candle I've tried from Wic Candle Co. has been a delightful experience. The scents are unique and they burn so cleanly. It's a treat for the senses!

Isabella D Verified


The craftsmanship of these candles is incredible. Each one is a piece of art, with a scent that beautifully enhances my living space.

Mia W Verified


I can't say enough about these candles. They are the perfect addition to any room, creating a calm and relaxing atmosphere. The scents are absolutely divine!

Ava C Verified


I've given these candles as gifts multiple times and always receive rave reviews. They're not only beautiful but also have a lasting, lovely fragrance.

Olivia L Verified


These candles are a must-have! They fill the room with a wonderful scent that's both refreshing and relaxing. Perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Natalie S Verified


The elegance of these candles is unmatched. They've become a staple in my home for their soothing scents and long-lasting burn.

Hannah J Verified


I'm in awe of the quality of these candles. They create such a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for my evening relaxation rituals.

Zoe M Verified


These candles from Wic Candle Co. are simply stunning. The aromas are natural and captivating, making my home feel more inviting.

Ruby W Verified


Absolutely adore these candles! They have a luxurious feel, and the scents are so well balanced - not too overpowering but beautifully present.

Lillian T Verified


I can't get enough of these candles! Each one brings a unique, soothing ambiance to my space. They're perfect for setting a relaxing mood.

Savannah G Verified


Wic Candle Co. has the best candles hands down. The scents are mesmerizing and linger long after the candle is extinguished.

Leah C Verified


These candles have become my go-to for gifts. Everyone that i know that has some just loves them :).

Avery H Verified


Every candle I've tried from this company has been a delight. They burn evenly and fill the room with a gentle, enchanting fragrance.

Eleanor L Verified


I'm so impressed with the longevity of these candles. The scents are gorgeous and they burn for hours without losing intensity.

Stella RVerified


These candles are a staple in my home. They add such a lovely, calming presence and the fragrances are absolutely divine.