Bonjour, candle lovers!

As we find ourselves savouring the last delightful moments with our ‘Loire Valley Sunset’ candles and enjoying the final bites of our scrumptious ‘Pomme et Cannelle’ chocolate, we can’t help but reflect on our Autumn in the Loire Valley box, one of our most beloved creations yet.

This box wasn’t just a collection of candles and goodies; it was a journey. An enchanting French dream that took us all the way to the picturesque Loire Valley right from the comfort of our homes. From the wax melting into the ‘Cosy Fireplace’, to the warming glow of the ‘Autumn Vineyard’ maxi tea light candles, we embarked on an intimate sensory adventure that transported us straight to the heart of France.

Who could forget the sweet aroma of the ‘French Pear’ soap bar lathering in our hands, or the delicate mist of the ‘French Peony’ linen spray refreshing our living spaces? And then there was the ‘Chateau Garden’ body butter – an opulent infusion of moisture that left our skin feeling as soft as velvety French rose petals, its irresistible scent whisking us away to a secret chateau garden in full autumn bloom.

But our journey didn’t stop there. We also tasted the richness of the Loire Valley, through a comforting hot chocolate and the irresistible ‘Pomme et Cannelle’ chocolate bar. And let’s not forget how the beautiful Autumn Canvas Prints brought the French countryside right into our homes, a constant reminder of our shared adventure.

We’re so thrilled and grateful that so many of you joined us on this magical getaway. Your kind words, excited unboxings, and shared moments have filled our hearts with gratitude. It’s truly been a heartwarming season.

As we bid goodbye to our Loire Valley adventure, we’re already preparing for another exciting journey. After all, every end is a new beginning. We’re stowing away our berets and packing up our virtual French vineyards, but the memories of this beautiful experience will remain with us forever.

So, stay tuned, candle lovers. We promise our upcoming box is going to be every bit as magical and inviting, full of surprises that are sure to delight your senses and whisk you away to a whole new destination.

Au revoir, Loire Valley. You’ve been a dream.

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